Acrylic Butt Plug

Acrylic Butt Plug


Made from solid acrylic, these plugs are non porous for easy cleaning as well as a fraction of the weight of similar glass and steel plugs. A ring is attached to the end to allow the user to attach any standalone tail, or anything they would like to the plug. 

These are VERY custom regarding the shape and sizes. Because of this, extra information is needed to shape the plug for you. Please refer to our Acrylic Handle Floggers section to see the full selection of acrylic patterns and colors that are available. You will be prompted to add all your specific information when adding the item to your cart. Maximum diameter is 1 1/2", and maximum overall length is 5 3/4" long. I will email you with any other information I may need. Emailing me a picture ( will greatly help.

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Completely shaped by hand, every one of our acrylic plugs are unique in its own way. Due to the beautiful, unique acrylic and each being maliciously hand made, no two plugs are exactly the same. Shaped and polished to a perfect finish.

Once we make a new color this listing will update with new pictures. 

Since these are custom made to order pieces, orders may take up to 2-3 weeks to complete, depending on current demand. I do try and complete every order ASAP.