Acrylic Knife

Acrylic Knife


These measure approx. 5" long total and about .5" wide at the widest point. Made from acrylic these knives are shaped to a very sharp point on the tip. The "blade" portion has also been shaped to a noticeable edge, but not sharp enough to cut. 

More pictures will be added of completed knives as they are made. Please refer to our Flogger section to view the other color combinations available before ordering.

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Completely shaped by hand, every one of our acrylic knives are unique in its own way. Due to the beautiful, unique acrylic and each being maliciously hand made, no two knives are exactly the same. Shaped and polished to a perfect finish.

Please keep in mind these are very delicate knives. The edge can be damaged and certain precautions must be taken during use and storage of the knife to protect the thin edges. 

Once we make a new color this listing will update with new pictures. 

Color options with a ** are options that we currently do not have the acrylic in stock and may take up to a month or more to receive in due to the complexity and hectic work load my acrylic makers sustain. When ordering a knife with an ** mark, PLEASE be patient with us. We will keep you informed every step of the way!