Leather Arm Binders

Leather Arm Binders

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High quality, durable leather arm binders made in custom color combinations!

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Our high quality leather arm binders are built with soft lined top grain leathers. Binders range in multiple sizes. Sizes are measured at the top opening. Total leather body length is 20” long tapering to a round point. Top straps are roughly 32” long, allowing the straps to be crossed over to help lock the binders on the user. A D ring is sturdily attached to the bottom of the binders.

Measurements should be taken approx. 16-18” from the fingertips. Choose a size that your measured arm circumference fits best, remembering when cinched up your final measurement will likely be smaller than your initial circumference measurement, so please make sure you choose a size that you fall in the upper half of the size range.

Small ranges from 18” to 22”.

Medium ranges from 20” to 24”.

Large ranges from 22” to 26”.

For custom sized arm binders, please add your measured length from your fingertips to a height you would like the arm binders to reach as well as the measured maximum circumference at the highest point. The binders will be a couple to a few inches longer than your measurement due to the inherent taper of the binders and the unknown hand size/taper of the user.

Binders can be resized DOWN for a $15 fee (you are responsible for postage cost both ways). If binders need to be resized UP, there is a $40 resize fee (you are responsible for postage cost both ways). Please contact us @ Hololeathers@gmail.com if you need to have your binders resized.